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Do you know the origin and development history of stage lighting equipment
Do you know the origin and development history of stage lighting equipment

A stage lighting change of stage lighting equipment, in essence, is a stage lighting turning point. In the whole process of scientific research on stage lighting, in addition to caring about the change point of stage lighting, we should pay more attention to connecting the beginning and end of each event of this stage lighting change point, and the sense of rhythm promoted by stage lighting generated by this continuous change. As a detailed theatrical performance, there are all relatively independent and interrelated stage lighting changes, and the stage lighting designers pay special attention to the beginning and end of each change. Since the beginning and end of stage lighting are the important stage lighting design related to the two change phrases, they are all the key stage lighting for the opportunity of stage lighting change Design composition.

In the whole performance, the stage lighting change opportunity of the performance is the joint point connecting the stage lighting changes in the performance, the direction sign of rhythm and sense of rhythm in the stage lighting modeling art and the promotion of stage lighting. It is the stage that infiltrates the story, promotes the plot, 3D rendering feelings of stage lighting equipment, assists the performance and promotes the theme style of drama performance Light metal catalyst.

In order to trace the historical time of stage lighting development trend, we must start from the stage lighting development process.
In the ancient Greek theater period, sunlight was used to light the lamps: the public theater in the Elizabethan period was set off by the gray fog at noon in New York City, and performed in the balcony of the hotel. There is no need to think that sunlight is the only real theater lighting fixture, or that sunlight is the only real stage lighting fixture in an outdoor theater. The performance of beam lamp has just begun in the period of "three unifications". At that time, the beam lamp was used as the props of the performance game. It was used to explain the performance time.

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