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How to choose and match the stage lighting equipment with various functions
How to choose and match the stage lighting equipment with various functions

Stage lighting is divided into surface light, ear light, top light, column light, side light, row of heaven and earth, foot light, etc. according to layout and use.
The surface light is installed above the stage curtain, mainly to the performance area at the front of the stage, highlighting the figure modeling or forming the three-dimensional effect of the objects on the stage, usually using the beam light and return light.

The earphones are installed outside the stage curtain on the left and right sides close to the entrance of the stage. The light is projected from the side to the stage performance area, which is similar to the surface light, and it is crossed to the stage on the left and right. It is used to strengthen the stereoscopic sense of the stage scenery, props and characters, as well as the beam light and return light.
The top light is the light fixture on the top of the stage, which is generally installed on the lifting hanger. It is mainly used for light distribution in the middle and back of the stage, shooting at the middle and back of the stage performance area, and mainly used for occasions where strong light distribution is required from the upper part. Light beam, return light and astigmatic light are commonly used.
Column light is installed in the inner side of the false stage platform opening, and is cast from the inner side of the platform opening to the performance area, also known as inner ear light, which is used to make up for the lack of face light and ear light. Generally, low-power beam light and soft light lamps are set.
The side light is placed on both sides of the stage overpass, which is shot to the stage from the high places on both sides. It is used to do the auxiliary lighting of the actor's face, and it can strengthen the matching lamps of the scene level. The commonly used lamps are beam lamps.
The skylight is installed in front of and above the sky curtain. It is a special lamp that can shoot down the sky curtain. It is used as the setting of the sky curtain. Generally, it is 2-6m away from the sky curtain. It can change the color and background of the sky curtain. It is commonly used for astigmatism and floodlight. The ground drainage light is located at the front and lower part of the sky curtain, and the backlight is directed at the sky curtain, 1-2m away from the sky curtain. It is used to show the horizon, horizontal line, mountain sunrise and other special effects. The commonly used lamps are astigmatism and floodlight.

Foot light is set on the inside of the stage. It is slanted up to the actors and the big screen to make up for the steep surface light and eliminate the shadow in front of the actors. When the curtain is closed, it is thrown to the big screen and the light beam is generally used to change the color of the big screen.
According to the types and effects of stage lamps, there are beam lamps, PA lamps, head moving lamps, laser lamps, rear-end lamps, effect lamps, etc. the effect lamps can also be subdivided into imaging lamps, sky and earth row lamps.
The light beam lamp belongs to the spotlight type lamp, and the light emitted is a bright light column, which is applied to explosive scenes, such as close-up of opening show and singing and dancing, with stroboscopic lighting, it can make a passionate visual impact effect
The main purpose of PA lamp is to dye and change colors, to create stage performance atmosphere. There are all kinds of power lamp beads. The commonly used colors of lamp beads are red light, green light, blue light, positive white light, etc., with rich color mixing effect.
Through X and Y axis movement, the head lamp can change color, print pattern, stroboscopic and other functions. It has a strong sense of motion. It is the first choice of lighting equipment for stage lighting in the world. It is also divided into head lamp, head lamp, head dye lamp, beam lamp in one, or multi-functional three in one, etc.
The laser lamp is divided into many beams by two vibrating mirrors, which can produce patterns, words and so on. The laser beam with high-speed operation can bring a very dynamic effect.
The chasing light is used to irradiate the special local objects or characters on the stage in a long-distance way, which can produce circular facula, such as stroboscopic, color changing, adjusting facula size, etc.

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