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Use of stage lighting system and peripheral equipment
Use of stage lighting system and peripheral equipment

1. Various lamp control modes
Spotlight, return light, sky and earth row light, imaging light, etc. are controlled by dimming table;
Computer lamp and dye lamp are controlled by computer lamp console;
Adjustable three primary color soft light (cold light) is controlled by dimming table;
The non adjustable three primary color soft light (cold light) is controlled by the cold light control panel;
The color changer is controlled by the color changer console (now basically eliminated).

2. Principle of dimmer
There is a main flux regulator (commonly known as "main push") to regulate the overall level of the whole system. Each lamp is equipped with an independent regulator (commonly known as "split push") for monomer regulation.
3. What are the hanging methods and application ranges in the lighting system?
It is suitable to use fixed type within 3M clear height of studio;
The clear height of the studio is 3m-7m, and the slide rail type is suitable;
If the net height of the studio is 7m or above, it is suitable to use the electric boom mechanical system;
Multi function hall depends on the situation;
Theaters, auditoriums, concert halls and banquet halls are generally of high storey height, and most of them are equipped with electric suspender mechanical systems.
The above conditions shall be determined in combination with the investment of the owner.
4. Function of color changer
It is used to adjust light linearly and change light color.
The digital dimmer is divided into three parts: box, color change control and dimmer control. The front and back holes of the box body are opened, and the left and right color paper rollers and their driving motors, fans, power boards, signal decoding boards, dimming modules are installed inside. The color paper on the color paper roller is used for color change.
5. DMX512 signal
DMX512 is a protocol standard developed by the American Society of Theatre Technology (USITT) for data communication between stage lighting console and dimmer, which later expanded to the control field of various stage equipment such as computer lamp, color changer, etc. The main content of DMX512 is to stipulate the data protocol of communication, among which the main contents directly related to the signal transmission cable are:
1. The communication interface adopts eia-485 standard which is commonly used in computer communication, and its electrical characteristics fully refer to eia-485.
2. The signal transmission rate of DMX512 protocol is 250kbps.
6. Function of stage lighting system
① Make the stage picture clearer: enable the audience to see clearly what or some corners of the stage.
② Strengthen the effect of stage performance: meet the needs of the plot, make the background appear natural, develop the plot until foil, hint and guide, adjust the atmosphere (actor, audience).

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